Learning another language is like becoming another person – Haruki Murakami

Laurent Brusa profile picture Hi, I am Laurent.

I am passionate about developing for iOS, about sound and music applications, natural language application, education and deep learning applied to computer vision and recursive networks for language applications.

My preferred languages include Swift, C, C++, full stack, front and back end with PHP, JS, and JQuery. I also love Python and started to get into Machine and Deep Learning since the summer of 2018. thanks to the great online courses offered by Jeremy Howard of fast.ai. I work on Macs and I am at ease with a Linux terminal.

I am a multi-linguist in a technology driven business. I speak and write fluent English and have a demonstrable knowledge of several European languages. I love specialty coffee and on the weekends you might see me on my bike going to look for coffee cuppings in town..

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